Meet the BenefitNext Team

  • —25 years experience in workforce training, development and management.

  • —Former IT specialist and director of education for one of the leading  technology companies in the US and a 12 year executive for one of the worlds largest technology consultancies.

  • —Expert level skill in the healthcare legislation (PPACA). And a national educator and presenter.

  • —Developed the initial product set of PPACA tools.

  • —Owner of Workforce21, a successful human resources company providing HR services to small and mid sized employers.

  • —Principal and sole shareholder of CC Law & Policy PLLC in Washington, DC.
  • —Practice focused on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) and its impact on stakeholders ranging from employers and “private” health insurance exchanges to agents/brokers and hospitals/health systems.
  • —Formerly served as Tax and Benefits Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and participated in the development of portions of the ACA, including the Exchanges, the insurance market reforms, and the new taxes enacted under the law.
  • —Senior Congressional staffer who actively participated in the health reform debate to join the private sector since the ACA’s enactment.
  • —Primary interface between our technology team and our clients.  Lisa’s focus is on ensuring that our products meet, or exceed, our clients needs.
  • —Manages the BenefitNext Customer Support team, which has been described as the “best in the industry”.
  • —Formerly served as Senior Project Manager at Oklahoma Gas & Electric where she developed project plans and time lines, communicated between department heads and the executive team, -interviewed, hired, and managed programmers, and managed multiple technology based projects.
  • —Owns and directly manages a large and successful health insurance agency with a diverse book-of-business.
  • —Certified ACA specialist and an expert on ACA legislation affecting both the group and individual markets.
  • —Significant experience in private exchanges and the private marketplace and former vice president at one of the US largest insurance brokerages.
  • —Provides strategic direction related to the tools that BenefitNext should develop to best support its mission and maximize its positive impact on agency operations.